Kangaroo house is a place where animals that have been injured or orphaned come to heal and recuperate. It is completely self funded labour of love by Carol and Vince Cosentino.

Wallaroo called Liberace and Agile wallaby called Sue

It is located in Scottsville which is 5km drive from the town of Collinsville which is 88kms inland of Bowen in North Queensland, Australia. See contact us page for more info.

These injuries can come from a range of areas

  • mother being hit by a vehicle
  • animal itself being hit by a vehicle
  • attacked by other animals, ie cats & dogs
  • bird fallen out of nest and rejected by mother

There are always a range of animals recuperating, mainly wallabies & kangaroos (joeys) but there has also been a baby emu, bats, an eagle, a crow, and many other injured birds. Carol can let you know by email what the current animals they are looking after on request.

So if you would like to know more read some of the information pages on this website.

If you would like to see these wonderful native creatures for yourself please email Carol via contact us page to arrance a visit and you can stay overnight if necessary as there is free accomodation available for visitors that sleeps up to 7 people.

Local, interstate and International visitors all very welcome.